Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I spy

While on our vacation back in October, we were walking along the ocean in South Beach Miami. We got a glimpse of some paparazzi-looking guys snapping pics of someone as fast as their little fingers would allow. So of course...we took our own photo....the only problem is we have no idea who she is?? What do you think??

I'm pretty sure the famous one is on the left? We are always suckers for famous people. Did I ever tell you about the time we saw Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Martin Short??! Tom Hanks! I know...amazing right?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lesson Learned

A couple of weeks ago after church, Paige and I were shoveling the huge amounts of snow from the driveway. I was trying to hurry and get it done so that we could surprise Trevor when he got home. I kept getting bothered by Paige because she insisted on 'helping' and she was making it more difficult. Just when I was about to say,"Paige! You are not are making this process so much slower!", she proceeds to teach me a lesson. "Just keep trying mom!" she said as she tried to scoop huge piles of snow from the driveway. "That's what we need to keep doing! Just keep trying". It was so cute that I couldn't bear to break her little spirit. She is so great! Everyday she makes me so mad and then totally redeems herself with something like that.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keep on keeping on

I am now on my third week of my new exercise program. I have a good friend named Ruby (don't you just love that name?...If I ever have another daughter by accident I think I'll name her Ruby) anyway...Ruby and I have been waking up every morning at 5:00 and going to Zumba and Turbo Kickboxing classes. It has been so much fun! If you have never tried a Zumba must! It is fabulous! It is a great workout and we get to shake our bodies...every bit of them! I also started my training for running RAGNAR which will take place in mid-June. When I told Mama Lou I was on a team for RAGNAR she said,"You've never been a good runner!" I say...well I am now! or I will be in about 5 months anyway.

So I think that if I journal my progress here on my blog that I will 'stick' with it and be more accountable. So all of you, my readers, can become my own personal JILLIAN to keep me motivated. But please don't try to break me down and make me cry...I can't take it!

I'll leave you with a cute story about Max. Max saw me getting a band aid out of the first aid kit and asked,"Mom! Are you a Doctor???" I answered with, "I wish...Maybe you can be a Doctor when you grow up" Max quickly replied..."Nope, I already know what I want to be. A cooker at that place they make those yummy pancakes....IHOP!" I will make everybody whatever they want to eat for breakfast!.....Oh that boy cracks me up everyday. Love him:)

Friday, January 7, 2011


Wow! I don't even know where to start....I am often tempted to 'give-up' on the whole blogging thing. I am horrible and keeping up on it. And why on earth do I really do it anyway??? I feel like lately when I read other people's blogs, all I do is compare myself to everyone else and it's not great for my self esteem. I feel like the blogging world of Utah and turned into a bunch of word famous photographers/crafters/seamstresses/chefs/super-human mothers that have WAY more time than I do it seems.

But then there are some blogs....some blogs out there that are truly inspirational. A gal in my ward has started a new blog about her journey to become genuinely happy. I love to read and it makes me really think about life and happiness. I like that. I like not just thinking about how everyone (it seems) is more talented in every way. So my new goal is to read blogs that uplift and inspire...or even make me laugh. I like those blogs too. In addition, my goal also encompasses looking at the value of my own blog. I want it to be something inspirational to my children....not just showing off my lack of talents (like being domestic).

So it brings me back to the question....why??? The answer is not as simple as I thought it should be. I guess I like to do it? I feel like my blog is somewhat of a journal that let's me write my thoughts and feelings and acts as a great 'out'. I also love to journal my kids and their lives and sweet moments. I know my kids love to look at pictures and someday this blog will be something for them to look back and read and remember the fun and important things in their lives. Is that a good enough answer? hmmm....

Anyway, here we go....

Our sweet baby Brody turned one last month. He really couldn't be any sweeter. He is such a good baby. He is so perfect. I really couldn't think of anything I would change about him. He is still growing at an outrageous rate. He he perfectly proportioned....just BIG:) He is so cute and always has a smile for you. One thing I love about him is his shy personality. He is the best cuddler and will go to anyone that wants to hold him....and the first thing he will do when they pick him up is lay his head on their shoulder for a really great love. Man we were lucky to get such a great baby!

Paige is growing up way too fast. She has started taking dance and she is a natural. She loves her dance teacher and always does each step with utmost perfection. She watches the teachers so close so that she can be JUST like her....she wants to point her toes just like her, she wants to grow her hair just like her, she wants to be a great dancer just like her. Here she is looking at her toes to make sure they are just right....yes a little Obsessive Compulsive I believe.

And leaves us with Maxwell. Max is as sweet and silly as ever. His favorite time of the year is Halloween and now that it has come and gone he is planning his costume for next year. He even like to plan other people's costumes too....the other day in church he announced in the middle of sacrament meeting that I should be a huge pumpkin head for Halloween next year. The people behind us couldn't help but giggle. I'm not sure if they were giggling because they were picturing me as a giant pumpkin, or because it was December and he was talking about Halloween! Here he is as a skeleton...I know what you're thinking, "Wow...not too creative for someone who plans their costume all year!" But that's what he wanted to be after changing his mind 4 times throughout the year.

Ok...enough for now. I really am going to do much better at keeping up and not feeling so stressed to be as good as everyone else. I will just do the best I can do and try everyday to be a little better than the day before.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chomp Chomp!

Twice now I have left the room and returned to find Max indulging himself. He absolutely LOVES watermelon. I wasn't aware of his love for bananas.

I wonder if he has some crazy eating disorder..where he just can't stop eating the things I love. Maybe he gets it from me. When there is a freshly cut pineapple around. I just can't help myself.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay, I admit it. I am terrible at keeping up on my blog. I feel bad about it too. It's something that I want to be good at. But I'm not. I've also always wanted to be a great singer, artist, model, homemaker, etc. and I'm not great at those either. But I'll keep plugging along.
The last couple of months have been busy with birthdays. In April it was mine, Trevor's, and Max's birthday. Then May 7th is Paige's birthday. It was fun, but boy am I glad it's over. Phew! Here are some pics of the fun days:

Here's Paige and Devyn....they had a joint-party because their birthday is only a couple of days apart.

Paige on her new bike

Max riding his new bike just before he tipped over and vowed to never ride again!
Max's new blanket that Grandma Lou Lou crocheted. A BIG gorilla...a request by Max.

And for Mr. Brody...he is growing at an alarming rate! He is already wearing 12 month clothes and I'm sure will be out of those soon! He is so cute and cuddly. He is such a great baby. He sleeps great and is always happy...unless he is hungry:) He takes his food very seriously. Max and Paige love him so much. They are both so sweet to him.

Only one more week of work until summer vacation. We hope to do a lot of swimming, movie club, fun Fridays, and volunteer Thursdays! Every night as Max is getting into bed he says, "Mom, what are we going to do tomorrow?" and then I usually reply with something like, "Well, first preschool and then to Grandma Carmae's for daycare." He is always happy with that, but tonight when we put him to bed he said, "Mom! tomorrow is Summer! You get to stay home with us!" How sweet! I can't wait! I love to spend the whole summer with my cute little kids.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny Girls

A couple of months ago we had Trevor's sister Amber and her husband Tyson over to play games. While we were playing, the kids were having a great time playing in their rooms. Paige and Mae came out wearing goggles and acting so silly. We laughed so hard because Paige's goggles were on just a little crooked and made her eyes look just like Sloth from Goonies! She just kept smiling at us with this funny little smile. I just love Mae too. Every time she smiles for the camera she does some crazy pose. Crazy girls!